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Adult tennis

Adult tennis

Adult tennis

Adult tennis

Adult tennis

Adult tennis

We offer a full range of tennis activities to suit players of all abilities.

Social tennis

Social tennis sessions are a great opportunity to meet other players. In social sessions, doubles takes priority over singles. Members are organised into fours and play one set before mixing in with other players. Saturday afternoons are very popular, and our head coach supervises play to ensure people of all standards get a good game.

Social tennis is an organized club activity with an Event Delivery Plan that conforms to strict LTA rules allowing us to exceed the "rule of 6".

Monday evening
6.30 - 10 pm

Monday evening is primarily for improvers and intermediates, although other members are welcome to participate.

They are a good opportunity for beginners who have completed a coaching program to build their skills and enjoy doubles play.

Wednesday evening
6.30 - 10 pm

Wednesday evening is the club night for intermediate and advanced players and can be very competitive.

During the summer months we hold occasional DIY barbecues after play has finished.

Saturday afternoon
2 - 5.30 pm

Saturday afternoon is for members of all standards except beginners.

Afternoon tea and cakes is a highlight of these afternoons for many people.

Because of its high popularity, we are operating a sign-up system for Saturday social tennis.

Competitive tennis

Team tennis

Team tennis in the Surrey League is an important part of life at Coombe Wood.

We run 6 men's teams, 3 ladies' teams, 1 mixed team and 3 vet's teams. Matches against other clubs usually take place on a Sunday morning.

On Thursday evening some courts are reserved for team coaching and practice.

American tournaments

We hold occasional American tournaments in aid of charity in which you play a series of doubles games with different partners, keeping an individual score.
American tournaments are a good way for members to meet and mix with players that they might not come across during social tennis sessions.

Summer tournament

Our annual club tournament for members starts in May, culminating in finals day in early July. Over 100 of our members enter one or more events.

As well as the main men's, ladies and mixed competitions, we run doubles plate competitions for those knocked out in the first round.

Free play

Outside of the formally organised sessions, members are free to book their own singles and doubles matches.