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Junior Term Programme

The junior term coaching programme runs during the school autumn, summer and winter terms.
Unlike our holiday tennis camps, all players must be members to attend.

Dates and availability

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Junior classes

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Under 11's programme

These classes use lower compression tennis balls that are easier for a child to hit, in a progression from red through orange to green.

In the tables below, age acts only as a guidance. A player's ability will always be taken into account when selecting the appropriate class for your child.

Tiny tots
Age 4 to 5

Introduction to basic tennis coordination and movement.

We place an emphasis on having fun in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Age 6 - 8

Building on basic co-ordination and movement.

We also aim to teach basic tennis technique and rules in this fun and active class.

Age 8 - 9

Transits start working on how to hold the tennis racket correctly and will be aware that each shot has a start and finish.

They can hit the ball while creating some balance and starting to rally from the mid-court whilst maintaining patience and concentration.

They also learn how to serve overarm and has some volley and overhead awareness.

Mini champs
Age 9 - 10

This performance class for our top under-11’s challenges our players to get ready for the real game.

Concentration, technique, control and movement are all emphasised.

Players are now playing from the baseline and mastering the skill of shot making in a competitive and fun environment.

Squad programme

The squad programme for juniors 11 and over uses full compression yellow tennis balls.

Level 1
Age 11 +
  • Some basic shape of shot with easy ground strokes
  • Still working on creating a decent hitting position for most shot
  • Plays occasional matches
  • Can regularly maintain a rally of 6 to 10 shots with a player of similar level.

Level 2
Age 11 +
  • Can vary spin on ground strokes
  • Can serve with chopper grip
  • Usually balanced when hitting easy balls
  • Has some volleying technique
  • Plays some matches (usually friendly ones)
  • Has yet to develop the concentration needed to compete successfully
Level 3
Age 11+
  • Has good defined shape of shot which is maintained in many pressure situations
  • Can serve with chopper grip and some spin
  • Is aware of different spins on all shots
  • Can recover efficiently after hitting
  • Is consistent in match play and is controlling level of unforced errors
Level 4
Age 11 +
  • Has a good grasp of the fundamental challenges in terms of technique, physical development, strategy and emotional control.
  • Is competing occasionally.
Age 11 +

A competitive junior who takes part in most tournament opportunities that are available and is passionate about becoming a better tennis player.