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Ollie Lloyd and his experienced team run tennis camps during half term breaks and Easter and summer holidays.

Our well-established programme brings together the very best in tennis coaching with a sociable environment where your child can meet new friends and have fun, whilst developing valuable physical skills.

Flexible booking options

You can book whole weeks, individual days and even half day options - giving you a huge amount of flexibility across the whole summer. The camps will run in all weathers so you can be assured that your child will be occupied and happy whatever the British summer brings.

All ages and skills

Packed with opportunities to build confidence, sessions are open to all ages and skill levels - from complete beginners to those looking to develop their competitive playing skills. Click here to identify the best class for your child or talk to a coach to discuss your child's playing abilities and how they might benefit from enrolment in the camp.

Ollie Lloyd

07748 961359

Harry Lloyd

07786 913182

What our customers say

"My kids absolutely love going to camp and to see their friends (and Ollie and Harry) in the holidays. Fabulous for them to be active and outdoors."
Jen - Clemmie / Cameron aged 8 and 11.

"Both my kids absolutely love the holiday camps. The coaches are so engaged, get everyone involved and my kids absolutely adore them. This is the only camp my kids want to do over the summer, and I would highly recommend it to anyone."
Cecilie - Sebastian / Charlize aged 4 and 6.

"Ollie and his team do a marvelous job in keeping the camp both informative and fun. Both my kids play competitively but feel that they get a lot out of it."
Katie - Emily / Hamish aged 10 and 13.

Sorry, there are no camps currently available.

We run camps during half term breaks and during Easter and Summer holidays.