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Membership update April 2023

Adult membership

  • The Full adult and Under 26 membership categories are currently full with a waiting list of over 50 people.
  • There is a shorter waiting list for Off-peak membership.
  • Our beginners' classes are currently fully booked so we are unable to offer any beginners Full membership.
  • We are in the processes of renewing existing memberships and towards the end of this month will know how many people can be admitted from our waiting list.

Junior / Cadet membership

  • The coaching programme for juniors (over 8) is currently fully booked.
  • We have limited membership places available for cadets and can normally offer Parent membership to parents of children who join the club.

If you are already on our waiting list, we will mail you when the club is able to process your application.

If you are a prospective member, you can join our waiting list using the form and details at the bottom of this page, but be aware that it is unlikely that we can offer you membership during 2024.

Coombe Wood has membership options to suit players of all ages and abilities.

Beginners - 3 months free Trial membership

If you are a beginner or a bit rusty and lacking in confidence, we will ask you to attend a course of group or private lessons. You can attend lessons as a Trial member for a period of 3 months. The aim is to get you to a level where you can confidently join in our Monday evening or Saturday afternoon, social tennis sessions.

Subscription rates

Our membership year runs from 1 May to 30 April. Subscriptions must be paid annually by direct debit. We apply pro-rata rates from 1 August.

The rates shown below are for the year to 30 April 2024 and are subject to change for the year starting 1 May 2024.

Full adult membership
No restrictions on playing times

Subscription: £310 per annum
Joining fee: £100

Off-peak membership
Play until 6.30 pm on weekdays and after 5pm at weekends

Subscription: £ 200 per annum
Joining fee: £50

Under 26
No playing restrictions. Under 26 on 1 May 2023

Subscription: £ 115 per annum
No joining fee

Parent membership
For parents of child members

Subscription: £92 per annum
No joining fee

Parents can only play with their family who must all be members.
The times when courts can be booked are limited.

For children under 8 on 1 May 2023

Subscription: £ 42 per annum
No joining fee

For children 8 and over on 1 May 2023

Subscription: £ 92 per annum
No joining fee

Family discount

A family that includes at least 1 full adult and 1 child is entitled to a 10% discount on subscription fees. A single £100 joining fee covers all adults in the family.

Couples - 1 joining fee

A single £100 joining fee applies when 2 adults living at the same address join at the same time.

Apply to join our waiting list

The club currently has a full membership in most categories and a backlog of applications. Complete the form below to be added to our waiting list.

Adult / family application

Use this form if any adults are applying to join.

Adult application form
Child application

Use this form if only children are applying to join.

Child application form